Mis presentation fall 2015

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Web 2.0 ReviewJOHANA HERNANDEZ MIS PROJECTTechnological Blogs Lisa Nielsen: it has a wide collection of options for the cybercasts. From stats, bios and books until news. This blog have been focusing on students and developing ideas for students. VentureBeat: This blog is up to date with many information about developing software not only for computers or cellphone applications but also for cars. Besides the information about updated softwares we can also find news about the different technological companies that leads its market. Cnet: Is a blog where you can find information about the developing softwares of the new releases of computer programs. Also about the new gadgets released by the two giants Apple and Samsung and the other lower quality brands.Business Blogs AccuraCast: is a marketing agency that has been working with companies like Apple, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and many other giants of businesses of the different markets. It also publishes information about new releases of these gigantic companies. Blue Acorn: Blue Acorn is a blog were you can find Commerce Articles, Tips, and Resources for Online Retailers. In contrast with other business companies Blue Acorn does not makes marketing for companies like apple or those in its same market. Kikolani: it is a blog that was made for small companies to manage their own blogs. They give tips and ways to raise and improve their blogs for marketing and advertising.Entertainment BuzzedFeed: this is a blog about entertainment and gossip. Here you can find publications about actors, singers and even politicians social lives and scandals. TMZ: Thirty Miles Zone or TMZ as its known is a blog for scandals of famous people like musicians, artist, etc. this website is commonly used for celebrities fails and scandals. Pewdiepie: This blog is from a swedesh comedian with his own youtube channel followed by millions. There he post commentaries and reviews from videogames on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and even from computer games.Zoho Docs The Zoho Show presentation online program is very similar as the Microsoft PowerPoint program. They have many similar features as the tool bars but at the same time it has its unique characteristics and options in each one of the panes. The main difference between the two programs is the fact that Zohos program requires an internet connection which in contrast with PowerPoint is an advantage due to the fact that the user does not have to be downloading fonts, themes, or animations. This features helps the user of the program to focus in one window only of its computer. But at the same time this online only program have the disadvantage that if the user does not have an internet connection it would not be able to perform its task.ZOHO DOCSAnother different feature of Zoho aresome options in the tool bars and in thedifferent panels. Starting with the homepanel, you can find many different typesof fonts that you cannot find inPowerPoint or that the user mustdownload it to use it.Besides that there is a differencebetween the two programs. Next, as inPowerPoint we can see the insert tab. Thedifference I noticed was the fact that theuser can import comments and evenpictures from some social medias such asPicasa and even Twitter.Following insert, the user can find themes.Here there is a big esthetical changewhich are the default themes that arecompletely different from those inPowerPoint.Linkedinhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_networking_servicehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_networkWordpressWordpress my first and only blogever. Eventhough the first post wasntabout me or my life, I had theopportunity to create a blog. It was anice opportunity to learn.