How to Google like a Ninja

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  • Only searches the pages of that site. “ ”"web agency" Searches for the exact phrase, not each of the words separately. How to Google like a Ninja... _ jaguar -animal Excludes the term that follows from the search. .. Action movies 1990..1998 Shows all results within a designated range. ~ christmas ~dessert recipes Searches for words related to the one that follows the tilde. link: Can’t find the result you’re looking for on Google? Here are some simple techniques to transform you into a search ninja… Shows all sites that link to the URL you specify. filetype: filetype:pdf Only shows results of the file type you designate (e.g. pdf, doc, jpg, etc). intitle: intitle:marketing Shows results with the specified word in the title. define: define:algorithm Good, quick word definitions. related: Find sites that are related to the specified site. SHOW OFF YOUR NEW NINJA SKILLS Reference: Next time you’re asked a question that could be answered using Google, go to “Let Me Google That For You” (, enter your search query and send them the link to the resulting video. BROUGHT TO YOU BY
There are some in this world that possess Google-fu (also known as “mad Google ninjistics”). These special few are holders of secrets of the search engines. Giving them…