JFS NEPA 2015 Presentation

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  • Established in 1915, Jewish Family Service is

    a human service organization which reflects

    the Jewish tradition of caring and compassion

    for all people in need. Through professional

    counseling, advocacy and educational

    programming, our services seek to enhance

    and strengthen the quality of individual, family

    and community life.

  • Counseling

    Consultation Services

    Financial Aid and Holiday Assistance

    DentalCare Center

    Guardianship of Person

    Holocaust Survivor Assistance Service

    Jewish Family Life Education/Family Life Education

    Grow Yourself

    Mae S. Gelb Kosher Food Pantry

    Kosher Meals on Wheels

    Older Adult Services/Case Management

    Volunteer Services

  • The Jewish Family Service offers

    professional counseling for families,

    couples, individuals and groups. Our staff is

    professionally trained and our social

    workers are licensed in the Commonwealth

    of Pennsylvania.

  • Other agencies and school programs may

    utilize the expertise of our staff as consultants

    for specific problems, issues or projects.

  • Short-term financial aid is provided for

    individuals and families who qualify and

    cannot afford food, shelter or other

    emergency needs. Examples are payments

    of utility bills to avoid shut off, emergency

    medical bills and transportation.

    The Holiday Assistance Program ensures

    that the beauty of the Jewish holidays is

    shared throughout the year.

  • Jewish Family Service , in partnership with

    volunteer dentists from the Scranton District

    Dental Society and a partnership with Fortis

    Institute, administers the DentalCare Center

    which provides professional dental services to

    those who meet specific eligibility

    requirements. All treatments are provided in

    private dental offices, with initial examination

    and diagnosis at Fortis Institute Dental

    Hygiene Clinic, Scranton.

  • Guardianship is the court-appointed

    responsibility of an organization to make a

    combination of informed personal decisions

    on behalf of an individual who has been

    deemed incapacitated by the Court.

    Decision-making authority is limited by the

    court order and must be carried out in

    accordance with state law.

    The Coordinator of Older Adult Services is

    certified as a National Certified Guardian

    by the Center of Guardianship Certification.

  • Offers services which are designed to help

    elderly survivors of the Holocaust live their

    remaining years safely, with dignity, and as

    independent as possible. Jews who resided in

    European countries which were subject to

    Nazi rule and control between 1933 and 1945

    are eligible.

    Financial assistance is available to those

    survivors who qualify through grants received

    from the Conference on Jewish Material

    Claims Against Germany, Inc.

    Our social worker provides these services in

    Scranton, Wilkes Barre and also serves the

    surrounding areas of Wayne, Pike and Monroe


  • Our agency offers education and enrichment

    through lectures, guest speakers, and workshops

    on topics relevant to family life, Jewish identity

    and current issues.

  • A series of self-improvement and personal growth

    workshops and seminars which provide tools,

    strategies and experiences for living a more

    empowered and fulfilling life.

  • The Kosher Food Pantry provides

    assistance with food and other

    necessary household items to families

    and individuals during times of

    significant financial stress.

    All efforts are made to follow strict

    kosher guidelines.

  • This program , in cooperation with the Meals

    on Wheels Office of Lackawanna County and

    the Jewish Home of Eastern Pennsylvania,

    delivers kosher meals to those in need.

  • JFS has special concerns for older adults , 60 years

    and older, in our local community and is ready to

    counsel these individuals and their families around

    issues of isolation, illness, dependency; as well as

    needed services of in-home help, companions, friendly

    visitors, and other vital needs to help maintain the

    older person at home.

  • JFS volunteers act as drivers and runners for

    Kosher Meals on Wheels , friendly visitors,

    shoppers for our Kosher Food Pantry and

    assist with preparing and delivering holiday

    gift projects to the homebound.

  • Sheila Nudelman Abdo, ACSW, LCSW- Executive Director

    Don Minkoff, LCSW Social Worker

    Marguerite Bushwick, LCSW, NCG Coordinator Older Adult Services

    Peter Dunford, LSW Social Worker

    Nicole Friedman, LSW Social Worker

    Danielle Shearin Medical Billing & Scheduling Specialist

    Susan Washko Business Manager

    Arthur E Levandoski Marketing & Development

    Marie McTiernan Administrative Assistant

    Anne Boland Receptionist