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Go green effectively for ProfessionalsNatural & Non-Toxic InsectBed Bugs: the factBed bug infestations are on the rise! 70% bed bugs are on the mattress. An effective and green solution for bed bug control! A green & eco-friendly botanical bio-insecticide Easy-to-use without resitriction Trusted Performance Tested by multiple universities, recommended by USDA IR-4 PublicHealth Pesticide Program FDA Generally Recognized as Safe Safe to use directly on mattressanywhare. Professional Proven Recommended by Entomologists and preferred by top professionals Data provided by Rutgers University Highly Effective Fast acting with high mortality Kills all bed bug stages: adults, nymphs & eggs The most effective bio-insecticide for bed bugs Journal of Economic Entomology, Entomological Society of America Uncompromising efficacy comparable to top syntheticsExtended Control Proven 14 days residual activity98% mortality from 5 minutes exposure Continues working after applicationMore than just a contact killer*Data provided by Rutgers University Solution for Resistance Issue Control resistant strains effectively High kill on both susceptible & resistant The top conventional pesticides (dual-action) not effective on the resistant strain EcoRaider shows 5 times higher mortality than conventional on resistant strain * Data provided by Washington State University Mortality after 24 hTopic application (1 ul/insect) N = 36; 3 replicatesControl waterHighly VersatileUse alone or with other treatment programsExcellent complement to steam & heat treatmentsUser friendly label minimal restrictionsUse in all environments even the most sensitive accountsLow-odor & non-staining on most surfaces & fabricsMinimal prep work, return rooms back to service quicklyExcellent resistance management toolGreen, Natural IngredientsLow RiskBotanical ingredientsEPA 25b exemptChild & Pet friendly Bed bugs collected from fields and kept in lab for 7months with same feeding system After exposure to 24 hours dry residual, bed bugs were removed and submitted to rabbit blood (37C) Data provided by Washington State University. More data will be published mid 2015. . Temprid SC treated EcoRaider treatedFeeding & Laid eggs No feeding & No eggs Data Published by Entomological Society of Americas Journal of Economic Entomology, Sept 29, 2014. Ten green products alongside two industry standards (Temprid SC and Demand CS) compared. EcoRaider is identified as the most effective bio-insecticide for Bed Bugs. EcoRaider matches against top synthetics on direct kill & outperforms on egg mortality.. * Data provided by Rutgers University Data provided by Rutgers University, published in journal of Insects (Nov, 2014 ) A USDA IR-4, NJ Agricultural Experiment Station & USDA-National Institute for Food & Agriculture funded research . A USDA IR-4 Public Health Pesticide Program project 24 bed bug infested apartments in a housing complex of Irvington, NJ EcoRaider is compared to Temprid SC (Bayer), a top synthetic pesticide. Data published on the journal of Insect in Nov, 2014 and in USDA IR-4 newsletter, 2015.Conclusion: EcoRaiders field control result is similar to that of Temprid SC over the 12 weeks treatment period.March, 2013Rutgers Univ. Independent Research published in Pest Control Technology:EcoRaider, the most effective natural bed bug killer among all tested,the only one presents 100% killing efficacy. December, 2013 October, 2014USDA IR-4 Project by Rutgers Univ. published in Journal of Insects:EcoRaider resulted in bed bug reduction in the field that is comparableto that by synthetic insecticides. May, 2014 PresentUSDA IR4 Project by Washington State Univ. Project: ongoing study on themechanism of how EcoRaider controls pyrethroid resistant bed bugstrains at both the molecular level and in field applications.55% of global online consumers across 60 countries are willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. Nielsen 2014 Global SurveyGlobally, more than half (52%) said they have purchased at least one product or service in the past six months from a socially responsible company. Nielsen 2014 Global SurveyA record-high 71% of Americans consider the environment when they shop 2013 Cone CommunicationsBrands that promoted sustainability through marketing programs showed an average sales increase of 5% where brands that didnt showed a sales rise of only 1% . Nielsen 2014 Global SurveyNearly four in 10 Americans say they are dedicated to buying green products and services Mintel 2014Benefits Highly effective with fast & high mortalityExtended residual control with proven 14 day activityHighly Versatile - Can be used as primary treatment or in conjunction with other bed bug programsUser friendly label minimal restrictionsLow Risk - Green with natural, botanical ingredientsLow-odor, non-stainingUse in a variety of environments, even sensitive accountsMy company has used EcoRaider since November 2013 and since that time we have servicedover 500 bed bug jobs. EcoRaider is the best product we have used and has an excellent killrate on first application. It has cut down on the amount of call back requests we receive. Larry Patrick, CEO, Good Earth Termite & Pest Control, Inc - TN The most effective bio-pesticide for bed bugs. Entomological Society of America September 2014"We use EcoRaider as part of our heat treatment services for bed bugs. We spray EcoRaider before applying heat to immediately knock down the bed bug populations and then apply our heat treatment. We reapply EcoRaider, if needed, after the heat treatment. EcoRaider has helped us increase our percent control and reduce our bed bug callbacks". Bill Hastings, Director of Special Services, Rose Pest Solutions, MI Resource User Instruction