Task 4 - Presentation

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Our idea

Our ideaSong = Sub Focus Turn it Around Loacation = House party/Newcastle nightlifeCamera = close up shots, high angle shots, shots of people dancing, flash gun, cutting shots, arrival of people. Video still shots, phone camera, hd videos

SongThe reason that we decided to chose this song was because of its main upbeat tempo. It has a nightlife feel about it which links in perfectly to what we will be doing within the film. With the party theme I think the rhythm of the song will go quite well to what's happening in each scene.

LocationHouse PartyNewcastle nightlifeThe party will be held at my house incuding the lead up to the party for example the car journey to it.

CameraWe will be taking the camera to the house party and taking lots of shots from the arrival to the end. We will take close up shots, hugh angle shots, people dancing. We will have a flash gun for some light. We will also take cutting shots and take shots of the drink (slowly)

People who will be in itAround 20 people (female and male)Including ourselvesThere is going to be a mixture of ages however none too young. There will be different people and groups coming together to create the film.


Party costumesCupsAlcoholBeer gogglesWigsShot Glasses