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MD. Kifayath Chowdhury Student No. 1112023 Mahmudur Rahman Student No. 1112049No. 1112049Under the supervision of

Prof. Dr. MD. Sadiqul Baree

Assigned ProjectDesign of a 2900 DWT Oil TankerRoute: Chittagong-DhakaService Speed: 10 knots

Route Specifications:

Water ways distance---350 kmMaximum Draft-------3.96 mMaximum Length-----76.2 mMaximum Breadth ----15.0 m

PRESENTATION CONTENTS1. Determination of Preliminary Principal particulars2. Preliminary lightweight, deadweight and displacement3. Preliminary General Arrangement4. Preliminary Lines Plan5. Preliminary Hydrostatic Calculations

Finding Preliminary Principal Particulars

As per DOS (Department Of Shipping) Bangladesh and BIWTA:For inland vessels we have following restrictions:Loa will not exceed 76.2 mB mld will not exceed 15 mDraft mld will not exceed 3.96 m

Principal particulars:

We have length, breadth and draft restrictions as we have to move inland. For first assumption, we are have taken these restrictions as our principal particulars.Deadweight=2900 tonnesAssumed Cd =0.8Displacement= 2900/0.8 =3625 tonnesLightweight= (3625 2900) =725 tonnesLoa=76.2 m

Principal particularsLbp= 96% of Loa = 73.152 mBmld=15 mDraftmld=3.96 mSpeed=10 knotsCb= 0.83

Preliminary Principal ParticularsLOA76.2 mLBP73.152 mBreadth mld 15mDepth mld 5.94.mDraught3.96 mCb0.83Speed10 knots

Displacement = deadweight / deadweight co efficient = 2900 / 0.8 =3625tonnes Light weight = displacement dead weight = 3625 2900= 725 tonnes Preliminary Lightweight, Deadweight and Displacement:CategoryQuantityFuel14.539tonnesWeight of people1.275 tonnesFresh water12.58 tonnesProvisions & stores0.85 tonnes

Cargo oil = 2900 29.668 = 2870.332 tonnes

ON DECK Owner 01 Class-I Inland master 01 Class- II Inland master01 Class- III Inland master07Certified Crew (Sukani) 02 Cook (Bhandary) 01 AT ENGINE Class-I Inland Driver 01 Class-II Inland Driver01 Greaser01 Pump man 01 Total = 17

Manning of the Ship

Preliminary General Arrangement Drawing

Preliminary Lines Plan Drawing

Offset table

Half breadth (mm)StationtanWL-1WL-2WL-3WL-4DeckPoop/F.Castle DeckAp00001468.83893.815619.920.5765.21680.12048.542086.062763.516260.026560.7712696.6352655805602562256770.247034.831.544376502.56907.5705472307373.427403.1325756.6372157372.573827492.5750003637575007500750075007500046375750075007500750075000563757500750075007500750006637575007500750075007500075907.667282.057432.57466.2575007500085441.437117.573657398.757432.57445.2508.55139.7769157162.57196.2572307230.74094087.5664056652.56686.2567206868.837044.239.51893.193923.834137.734301.444536.425844.816312.1Fp000002770.24019.59

Height Above Base (mm)KeelBTK ABTK BBTK CDeck At SidePoop/F.Castle Deck3698.44522.436067.579957.716133.989957.7101339.064616.755572.26002.929852.06001301533.015976.289875.2000227.945946.779852.280000594000000594000000594000000`000005940000005940000024.75943.43000058.755953.530000193.125971.38951.2100634.745426.816025.419152.9739605494.32 - -6192.39410.4

Hydrostatic calculation & curves

Hydrostatic Particulars

DisplacementKBLongitudinal Position of Center of buoyancy, LCBPosition of Center of flotation from amidship, LCFKMLKMTBMLBMTWater Plane AreaTonnes per cm immersionMoment to Change Trim 1 cmArea of midship sectionBlock Coefficient, Cb Coefficient of fineness of Midship Section, CmPrismatic Coefficient, CpCoefficient of fineness of water plane

Summary of Hydrostatic ParticularsDraftDisplacementWater-plane AreaTPCKBBMTBMLKMTKMLMCT 1cmLCB from amid-ship, +ve = fwd LCF from amid-ship, +ve = fwd AmCbCmCpCw(m)(tonnes)(m2)tonnes/cm(m)M(m)(m)(m)(tonnes -m)(m)(m)(m2)0.99832.951928.2499.280.5418.465375.65519.007376.19744.490.8610.97813.9220.800.940.850.8791.981772.775950.0319.51.039.122185.43110.151186.4646.730..8780.87928.960.850.980.870.902.972716.679955.9659.561.546.032122.717.569124.24746.9980.8500.87343.720.860.980.8760.8983.963675.898987.1449.872.034.59499.6896.628101.72349.3280.860.04658.650.830.990.840.885

Hydrostatic CurvesDraft vs. DisplacementDraft vs. Water plane area

Draft vs.LCB from amidship

Draft vs.LCF from amidship

4/17/2015THANK YOU