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PowerPoint Presentation

WELCOME to Hondros College of Business!New Instructor OnboardingApril 19th and 20th

We are so glad you are here!

Rod, Al, Vince and Deb1

Hondros College of Business You are joining an elite team that

Develops Ohios WorkforceEducates 4 out of 5 Ohio real estate licenseesEducates more insurance agents than any other OH provideHas students consistently giving high ratings to: Our instructors StaffEntire Hondros experience

The Elite Team


Goals for the next two daysGetting to know one another and people in the organizationIntroducing you to the mission, values and history of the organization you are joiningShowing how you are an integral part of our successGiving you all the tools to be a great Hondros College of Business InstructorHave fun and ask questions!

Rod / Vince3

Getting startedThings you need to know for the next two daysReview the agendaUsing your binderGoals you have for the next two daysQuestionsLets go


- Housekeeping things where the bathrooms are etc. 4

WELCOME TO HONDROS!Building the team Find a partnerInterview your partnerName (how does the person like to be introduced) and which campusHow long have you been in your fieldWhat is one really interesting fact you would like to share with the groupWhy are you excited to teach for HondrosIntroduce your partner to the group


Who we are as an organizationWelcome Video!Who we are and how we got started..




What does it mean to be a Hondros Ambassador?Why we do what we do?How do you help create that wow experience for our students?How do you represent the Hondros College of Business brand?How do you help us continue to grow and get better at what we do?How we are going to help you become part of our elite team of instructors.

Watch three Hondros Ambassador videos


Tools to help you become a Great Hondros Instructor:We have a team of people behind the scenes to help you be successful: (see the resource section of your binder) Operations and Site Staff Business Development and Sales Degree Program Staff Compliance and Faculty Marketing IT Accounting Management Human Resources

Rod / Deb11

Prospects Students AlumniAdvertisingBrandingCommunicationsDigital Marketing SEO, pay per click, remarketing, paid social, inbound marketing.Analysis & Tracking promo codes, Google Analytics, Real Ed/LMSDirect Mail - postcardsEmail MarketingLists / DataPublications & Design Course guide, student guide, media kit Public RelationsSite SupportSocial MediaWebsite: Design & redesigns, content and strategy


Partnering with MarketingGet Connected & be an AmbassadorClick. Click. DONE. VideoCourse Guides / Tools for OutreachProduct Sales

Stephanie / Courtney13

Quality Emails: Become a Elite Hondros Instructor

Stephanie / Courtney14

Partnering with Business DevelopmentWho we areHow we can help you be successfulHow you can share information with usWhy we rely on you


Partnering with your Site StaffRob Voltz Director of OperationsSite Director RoleStudent Services Associate Site operations roleStudent Services Associate Call center roleRole with studentsHow they can help you be successful

Rob and Katie16

Partnering with our Degree Program Associate Degree of Applied Business in Business ManagementBased out of ColumbusCan be completed onlineSend leads to: Joel Browder jbrowder@hondros.com 614-508-7284 $99/credit hour!Ideal for working professional, average age 43 years old Small-Business OwnerEntrepreneurProspective BrokerThose who have many credits, no degreeEvaluate transfer credits at no cost/obligation Quarterly advising sessions


Accreditation - ACICSWhat is it?The essential purpose of the accreditation process is to provide a professional judgment as to quality of the educational institution or program (s) offered and to encourage continual improvement.

How does ACICS fit in with our Real Estate program?



Partnering with Your IT StaffTechnology in the classroomITs Role how they help you be successfulWhat you have access toHondros e-mailUses same account as IntranetEmail username: email addressIntranet username: FirstInitialLastName


Partnering with Accounting What you need to knowBookstore inventory managementInstructor copies of textbooks


Partnering with Human ResourcesHow we can helpADP PayrollEmployment verificationsBenefitsChanges in your informationDo you know someone else that would make a great instructor? Let HR know!!!Faculty and Staff Events


Hondros Family of Annual EventsCompany Picnic in late July / early AugustAnnual Meeting / Holiday Party Late December

Partnering with ComplianceCompliance ResponsibilitiesContinuing education creditInstructor approvalsQuality@Hondros.comWhoWhatWhenWhyResponse

Sarah Comiskey23

Faculty ManagementRod Farthing/ Al Batteiger / Vince DiBartoloDaily checklistIntranet/curriculum portal, accessing surveys, emailWhat is on each cart- what if technology isnt working?Who to call/FAQ3-ring binder instructor resource manualReview course guide

Regulatory/AccreditationWhat is your role and responsibility as an instructor?Follow the syllabusFollow assigned class timings for start/end/breaksFollow the policies in the student catalog and instructor manualFERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Continuous ImprovementReview your surveysFaculty developmentIn service meetings

Faculty DevelopmentProfessional development should be an ongoing endeavor for all faculty membersbecause their growth as instructors has a profound impact on their students. Thereare always opportunities for improvement, new teaching techniques to learn and master,and experiences to share with colleagues.-- Rob KellyEditorAcademic Leader

Faculty DevelopmentEach instructor must have a plan on fileWhat are some types of appropriate faculty development?Courses/WorkshopsProfessional organizationsConventions/Educational meetingsVisits to employers, other schools, or related organizations

How will you be evaluated?Surveys ObservationsSite personnel and corporate staff feedbackQuality@Hondros.com

Faculty manual reviewCurriculum DevelopmentIf you note an error in the materials please email to Rod Farthing at: rfarthing@hondros.com for Real Estate and Vince DiBartolo at: vdibartolo@Hondros.com for Insurance.ANY changes you make to materials must be reviewed and approved Send to Rod Farthing (RE) at: rfarthing@hondros.com or Vince DiBartolo (Insurance) at: vdibartolo@Hondros.com.

Faculty Manual ReviewRecruitingStudents may not be steered or influenced in ANY wayWhat you can do:Participate in Career Nights and other approved recruiting procedures (NOT on days/nights you are assigned to instruct)Must have a signed broker agreement on file

Faculty Manual ReviewRecruiting- Do not.Directly ask students to join your companyDiscuss the benefits of one company over another company making any comparisons good or badDiscuss any news stories about companies within the industrySpeak poorly of ANY business or profession

Faculty Manual ReviewRecruiting- Do not.Invite students to contact you to discuss anything other than the courseWear jewelry, name badges, or clothing promoting a company; includes notebooks, coffee mugs, folios, etc.Use classroom materials that promote any companyEncourage students that may already be with your company to approach other students about joining your company

Faculty Manual Dress CodeTuition and Bookstore BenefitAfter teaching one year and 100 hours:CE courses within your industry at no charge35% tuition discount in courses separate from your career area10% discount on bookstore items and textbooksImmediate family members in any course receive 35% discount

Classroom Management - AttendanceCertificates are awarded based on attendanceIf a student is late, document the timeSend ALL attendance related issues to the site staff dont ever dispute an arrival time!Take attendance within 20 minutes of class start and again after lunch, (nights only once)Large classes may pass an attendance roster

Classroom Management Grades AdministrationTests for each pre-license class are in the back of each text and are to be administered on the final day of class. Use ALL 50 questions in the exam.Answer sheets must be collected and given to site office with the roster along with any additional course paperwork Final Exam (75%) and Attendance (25%)

Adult Learning Styles Al BatteigerRod Farthing

There is a reason why everyone doesnt teach

You Are Able!

GAPEGenerally Accepted Principals of Education

1. Addressing the experience of the Adult Learner

2. Uniform Quality Control overall

3. To make sure we change as our Learners have changed

4. Avoiding the most common mistakes


Andragogy = The Art of Delivering Education to Adults

Andragogy What do our Learners expect in return for their tuition?


Highly Motivated, They Are Here By Choice With a Need to Know

Andragogy 3 Basic LearningStyles

Andragogy Auditory LearnersListening

Andragogy Visual LearnersSlides

Andragogy Kinesthetic

Hands On

Andragogy Written on a board is better than verbal , visual is best remembered

Andragogy Please Utilize your slide projectors and slides

Andragogy First Impression of you from your Learner means everything from Day 1

Name on the Board

Andragogy Enter Your ClassUpbeat

Andragogy Introduce YourselfPersonally to each learner if possible

Andragogy We Teach To The ExamPSI

Andragogy Being Able To Pass The Exam Is Always In The Back Of Their Minds

Andragogy Teaching across the generations and age groups

Age Groups18-25 Seekers/SpongesStill close to K-12 LearningLook up to you as a Leader

Age Groups26-39 constantly checking themselves and their endeavor on this new career path

Age Groups40-59 apprehensiveAlways in fear of keeping up with their peers

Andragogy Adult Learners are more challenging for an Instructor ie.Devices vs. No devices

General Duties to the Public & Industry

2. Act Professionally Toward the Public & Industry. (GO TO NEXT SLIDE)62

Andragogy Consider a Learners Stress for a moment

AndragogyCome in early enough on the day you are teaching to be prepared

Andragogy Treat your Learners as you would want to be treated

Andragogy Some may be less flexible with their receptivity to their knowledgeSeating Theory

General Duties to the Public & Industry

2. Act Professionally Toward the Public & Industry. (GO TO NEXT SLIDE)67

General Duties to the Public & Industry

2. Act Professionally Toward the Public & Industry. (GO TO NEXT SLIDE)68

Andragogy More eager for Real World application rather vs. book concept

Andragogy Take Full Ownership of Your Class

Andragogy Arrange the Lectern how you want it

Andragogy Do your best to relate concepts to a real life setting( Caution area)

Andragogy If you look good, you will feel good, you will instruct with confidenceDress

Andragogy Start your class by talking about something current

Verbally Captivate Vary Your Lecture Tone

Andragogy Checking your class for knowledgeLearning Does Not Stop When You Get To The Chapter Quiz

Andragogy Use the chapter Summaries

Andragogy Utilize the chapters knowledge quiz

Mandatory Use test taking strategies on the chapter quizs

Wording One word can make or break an answer

Testing Anxiety Read the question twice, maybe the answers first

Wording Not, is the most commonly used word in questions


Except Except, is the second most commonly used word in questions

Teach to watch for superlative words in answers, they are commonly the wrong answers

Must, Always, Greatest, and Never in answers are usually the wrong answers

Question 1 A salesperson receives a co-op offer on a listing. The salesperson contacts the out-of-town owner with the details and the owner decides to extend a counter offer. Before the first buyer acts on the counter, another offer is received from a different prospective purchaser. What is the salesperson's responsibility regarding the second offer?

The second buyer must be told of the first offerThe first buyer must be told of the second offerBoth must be told of the others offerNeither can be told of the other unless the seller specifically authorizes the salesperson to do so. The Seller might consider that to be confidential information

Superlative words! Must, always, never, greatest

Andragogy Promote CompuCram, Crammer Class

Auditing a Class












Faculty OnBoardingDay 2

Classroom ManagementLearning Styles of the Adult LearnerClassroom Management TechniquesCurriculum ExpectationsAttendance and GradesAncillary Products


Quality Email

Quality Email

Quality Email

Quality@Hondros.com 6 Most Common Learner Comments

#1Instructor reads from the book Always refer back to book so class can follow

#2Bothered by others that are talking

#3 The Instructor Rushed Through The Book

#4 Letting a Learner Ramble On and On

#5 Going Off Topic For Too long

#6 Room Temperature

Goal #1, Consistent Course Delivery From All Campuss

ModulesWe have to stay in sync


Module GuideSheets

Module ExamplesPrinciples&Practices

119Chapter 1, begins Module 1

119Read Book page 1

Module 1 runs thru page 21 of Chapter 2

End Module 1, Beginning Module 2

Slide showing end of Module 1End Module 1

Beginning Module 2

Module 2 starts with page 21 of chapter 2 and runs thru the end of chapter 4

Module 2 Runs thru Chapter 4

Begin Module 3

Module 3 begins with Chapter 5 runs thru page 90 in Chapter 6

January 2015

The following disclosures must be included in a brokerage's Consumer Guide:Permissible types of agency relationships in OhioThe brokerages policy regarding representation of buyers and sellers; dual agency; and split agency, including if the broker offers compensation to, or seeks compensation from, cooperating brokeragesA statement that a brokerage with a buyer as a client represents the buyers interests, even though the sellers brokerage or seller may compensate the buyers agentThe brokerage policy on customers who are not representedA statement that Ohio law requires the Consumer Guide to Agency Relationships be presented to and acknowledged by the consumerThe brokerages name, fair housing language, and logo

The first substantive contact is defined as being no later than the occurrence of certain events, depending on whether a licensee is working with sellers, buyers, or both, in a particular transaction.

Chapter 6 ContinuedBrokers, Salespeople, and the Agency RelationshipJanuary 2015


End Module 3page 90

Page 90 of chapter 6 begins Module 4January 2015

Mark it in your book

Module ExamplesLaw book

Law Day 1 A.M. , Module 1January 2015

Module 1 runs thru page31 in chapter 2

February 2015

Continue with Chapter 2

Ohio Real Estate Licensing LawFebruary 2015

End Module 1, page 31February 2015

End Module 1February 2015

Module 2 starts with page 32 of Chapter 2runs to the end ofChapter 2

February 2015

138Immediately upon the salespersons leaving the broker or termination of a real estate salespersons association with the broker, the broker shall return the salespersons license to the Superintendent of the Division of Real Estate.The failure of a broker to return the license of a real estate salesperson or broker who leaves or is terminated, via certified mail/return receipt requested, within three business days of the receipt of a written request from the Superintendent for the return of the license, is prima-facie evidence of misconduct under division (A)(6) of 4735.18 of the Revised Code.

Begin Module 2, page 32

Begin Module 5, Law

Module 5 Starts with Chapter 5runs to page 148of Chapter 6

February 2015

Know where to start and stop modules

How to prepare your book, and avoid reading from it

Read your bookMake summary sentences on the sides of paragraphs

Summarize with paragraph notes

Addressing Book Errorswww.schoology.comError Reporting Group

Slide UsageMade Easy

Mark Slide Changes

Read your audience?

Always Try to Bridge Back to The Original Question When Explaining

Flow about your class space, make it your space

Learn your books!

PSI ProjectRepetition/Overlap

Repeat the Learners Questions!!!!

Affirm the Learners Questionsto build Esteem

Modules ConceptStay on pace with the syllabus!Respect your fellow instructors time!

Admit it, if you Dont Know it !

Teach to all, not just those that are showing interest

Show Tolerance

Build their EsteemThrough Encouragement

No Politics..Respect Classroom Diversity.. Learner Grandstanding etc.

Instructing Fair HousingFollow the book and you will avoid trouble

Constant questions from a learner slowing you up?

Nobody sitsFor more than an hour and a half

All final exams administer 50 questions

Daily Schedule A.M. Module 8:00 A.M. 12:35 P.M.Lunch 12:35 1:05P.M. Module 1:05 P.M. 5:35 P.M.

AttendanceLate Arrival



Food in Class

The Learner That Wants To Show They Know It All

No Brand Naming

Project a pleasant voice to be heard by all (use microphones on large classes!)

Build their Confidence most of all

Try to make the more complex words and concepts seem simple

Support our books even if you think differently

Most of all, HAVE FUN Changing Lives

Lets Look at the Books

Good Instructing!

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