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PowerPoint Presentation

My Portfolio in Educational Technology


Hi, I amAlison Bernadette Sy Bacani

I am 18 years old

A BSEd English Major Student @ Cavite State UniversityIndang-Main Campus

presently residing @ Brgy. Osorio, Trece Martires City, CAVITE

Educational Technologyin a Nutshell

What isEducational Technology?

Educational Technologyrefers to the study and ethical practice of facilitating education and learning, to improve the performance of the students, through the creatin and use of management appropriate technological processes and resources.

Educational Technologyis also defined as the use of various tools, typically technological resources, which prove helpful in advancing a students learning capabilities.

From the constructivist view, Educational technology serves as learning tools that learners learn with. It engages learners in active, constructive, intentional, authentic, and cooperative learning. It provides opportunities for technology and learner interaction for meaningful learning. In this case, technology will not be mere delivery vehicle for content. Rather it is used as facilitator of thinking and knowledge construction.

What isTechnology?

From the traditional point of view, technology serves as source and presenter of knowledge. It is assumed that knowledge is embedded in the technology (e.g. the content presented by films and tv programs or the teaching sequence in programmed instruction) and the technology presents that knowledge to the students(David H. Jonasssen, et al, 1999).


As delivery vehicles for instructional lessons.

Serves as a source and presenter of knowledge.

Technology like computers is seen as a productivity tool The learner learns from the technology and technology serve as a teacher.

What is the role of computers in education?

Computers in EducationComputer technology has had a deep impact on the education sector. Imparting education has become easier and much more interesting than before. Owing to memory capacities of computers, large chunks of data can be stored in them. They enable them quick processing of data with very less or no chances of errors in processing. Networked computers aid quick communication and enable web access.

Computers are powerful, multifunctional tools that fulfill many roles at all levels of education. Computers are commonly used in education for applications such as communication, distributing education materials, remote learning, performing class work and admissions.

Computers are a brilliant aid in teaching.Computers facilitate an audio-visual representation of information, thus, making the process of learning interactive and interesting. Computer-aided teaching adds a fun element to education.

Learning through EdTech 1 & EdTech 2

As an aspiring future educator, EdTech 1 and Edtech 2 have contributed a lot on my preparation of being a 21st educator. Society changes through time as well as education. In the present time, you are not into progress if youre not in trend. How am I going to cater the needs of a 21st learner if I dont even have a single information about Technology?

Through EdTech 1 and EdTech 2, I learn how to integrate those principles on how to make an effective presentation. Presentation software like PowerPoint is a great help not just to teachers but also to the students in delivering lectures.

The Student after EdTech

Nobody is perfect so as Technology has its own flaws.We MINIMIZE the use of it to make time for other things.We use it in a FUNCTIONAL WAY, but not in a point that we ABUSE it.We dont let technology to MANIPULATE us because HUMANS are the creator of it.

Technology will never replace TEACHERS.Technology was created to improve mans life and to create PROGRESS.TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION is thenew face of learning.


Thanks for viewing! God bless us all!