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The London Tournament 2015

The St Georges Festival 2015 was held on Saturday 25th April and was a great success.

We had an audience of 3000 people over the course of the day, the majority of whom were drawn from the local environs of the Pleasure Gardens.

This was the first of what we hope will be many collaborations with Battle of the Nations UK. This inaugural London Tournament of full contact medieval combat was a huge success.

The audience absolutely loved it and the Steel Henge arena sat perfectly in the amphitheatre on the Queen Anne Field.

Your text hereGreensleeves Morris Men entertained the crowds with their traditional dancing

Mr Punch made his usual appearance to the delight of the families in attendance.

The Falconry Centre put on a wonderful display of birds of pray in flight and the queues for their archery stretched out all day as many children from Lambeth tried this great sport for the first time.

Events were presided over by world record holding Town Crier Alan Myatt

And all the while the knights fought one on one in full contact armoured singles combat

until the London Champion John Sharky Quayle was crowned and presented with his trophy.

Then it got really tasty with the 600th anniversary Battle of Agincourt melee and a last man standing Meat-Grinder. Steel Henge was full of men (and one woman) battling it out in one of the worlds most exiting sports.

St George!