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NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential SM Ivanpah Solar Energy From the Sun! Richard C. Mason Chief Chemist, Indian River Power NRG Energy Laura Sterk Plant Chemist Ivanpah Solar NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 2 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 3 One of the Nations Largest and Most Diverse Generation Portfolios nuclear oil coal gas wind solar district energy Guam Haiti, Puerto Rico, St. Croix St. John, Necker Island 47% 31% 11% 7% 2% 1% gas coal oil Renewables (wind & solar) nuclear 53,547 MW Total power capacity Australia Turkey As of March, 2015; excluding 1,346 MW thermal NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential One of the Nations Largest and Most Diverse Generation Portfolios 3 Combined Scale Gas 25,301 MW 47% Coal 16,734 MW 31% Oil 6,008 MW 11% Renewables 3,579 MW 7% Nuclear 1,176 MW 2% International 749 MW 1% Total 53,547 MW nuclear oil coal gas wind solar Diversity of fuel-type, dispatch level, and geographic region help mitigate risk and moderate market demand cycles NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Sustainability is the ability to endure into the future. 2015, NRG Energy, Inc. Grow our business while reducing CO2 50% by 2030, on the path to a 90% reduction by 2050 Long-term sustainability goal 6 2014 baseline projected to be 125 million metric tons of CO2 Absolute target Footprint updated with Annual Report and Annual Sustainability Report Deployment of renewable energy resources and services NRG Carbon 360 Coal to Natural Gas Conversions Plant Equipment upgrades and efficiency advancements Engaging our customers and employees Steps we are taking 7 Our two-fold approach to combat climate change What we believe Market forces, economic pressures, and environmental regulations are all moving toward a path of fewer but cleaner traditional central power plants and more distributed energy resources. NRG believes that the future of energy is partnering with like-minded organizations to help them achieve their reliability and clean energy goals. 8 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential NRGs long-term sustainability vision 9 Our vision is to catalyze the shift to a sustainable energy future We have a moral imperative to fight climate change David Crane, CEO NRG 55% of adults said they are more likely to purchase from a company that is environmentally friendly1 35 US states have adopted climate change action plans, and 25 states have set energy efficiency targets3 Sustainable energy Why now? 10 NRG Sets Unprecedented Sustainability Goals for 2030, 2050 The world of tomorrow will be powered by the choices we make today. As the largest competitive generator in the US, we are showing that we can grow our business while reducing CO2 emissions. Our sustainability commitment translates to avoiding the following by 2050: 3 billion tons of CO2 emissions Deforestation of 18,000 square miles of Amazon rain forest 7,000,000 homes carbon emissions from fuel and electricity every year between now and 2050 Source: 1) Mintel/Experian Simmons NCS/NHCS: Summer 2011 NHCS Adult Full Year POP, 2) 2010 UN Global Compact CEO Survey, based on 766 responses 3) White House Climate Action Plan 94% of CEOs think that sustainability issues should be fully embedded into companies strategy and operations2 reducing C02 by 50% by 2030 On the path to 90% C02 reduction by by 2050 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 11 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 12 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Ivanpah Organization Solar Partners Holdco, LLC - Equity Investors NRG Google BrightSource Three Individual Projects Solar Partners II Ivanpah #1 - ~25 yr PPA with PG&E. Solar Partners I Ivanpah #2 - ~25 yr PPA with SCE. Solar Partners VIII Ivanpah #3 - ~25 yr PPA with PG&E. Southern California Edison Transmission Upgrade Implementing their El Dorado to Ivanpah Transmission Project (EITP) NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Site Geography and Footprint Project site is 3500 acres Each unit about 900 acres Unit 1 to Unit 3 Tower = 3.2 miles Edge of U1 SF to edge of U3 SF = 5 miles Tower Total Height is 459 ~325 ft steel structure w/ the boiler on top 14 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Site Layout 15 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Environmental Considerations 16 Flora and fauna Protected Species Desert Tortoises Kit foxes Succulent Desert Plants Weed Management Water - 100 acre-ft/year 2 on-site wells provide all the water Air Emissions Title V GHS/cap and trade Avian and Bat - nesting and migratory birds Mortality surveys Scavenger surveys NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Energy from Sun Insolation is a measure of solar radiation energy received on a given surface area and recorded during a given time. Direct insolation is the solar irradiance measured at a given location on Earth, excluding atmospheric diffused insolation. Solar radiation is absorbed & converted to thermal energy, causing an increase in the object's temperature. 17 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Basic Overview NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Power Block Overview NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Power Block Layout 20 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Power Block Configuration SOLAR RECEIVER STEAM GENERATOR (RILEY POWER) Concentrated sunlight converts water in a boiler to high-temperature steam. HELIOSTATS (BRIGHTSOURCE) Software-controlled field of mirrors concentrate sunlight on a boiler mounted on a central tower. OPTIMIZATION / CONTROL SOFTWARE (BRIGHTSOURCE) Solar Field Integrated Control System is the proprietary optimization software to manage heliostat positioning and optimize concentrated sunlight on the boiler. TURBINE (SIEMENS) Steam powers turbine to produce electricity then is converted back to water through an air-cooled condenser. AIR-COOLED CONDENSER (SPX) Environmentally friendly in design, using 95% less water than competitive technologies. NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Water/Steam Overview 22 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Solar Steam Generator Boiler 2646 psig / 1054 F Evaporator section Super Heater Reheat Controls IR Cameras 2/wall, total 8 Heat Flux Sensors 24 pairs of TCs embedded in SH, RH, and EVA tubes. About 1180 loops, 120 MOVs (networked), 17 CVs 100% steam bypass, no atmospheric dump valves 24 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Solar Steam Generator Layout 25 Superheat Evaporator Reheat Protection Panels NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Steam Turbine Generator Turbine Siemens SST-900 HP and IP Turbine HP 7200 RPM Reduction gear box for HP IP 3600 RPM Generator 135 MVA 3600 RPM Design Fast Startup Daily Cycling 26 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Air Cooled Condenser ACC-SPX Water Consumption limited to 100 acre-ft / year 3 Streets of 5 fans / Unit 2 Speed 27 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 18 Solar Field Mirror Focal lengths 4 different focal lengths were used in solar field -250m -450m -750m -1000m ~60,000 heliostats per Unit NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential System Components: Heliostat LH-2.2 Heliostat 2 Mirrors/heliostat Metal support structure Dual-axis drives Heliostat controller Focuses sun on SRSG Under SFINCS control System Components: Heliostat NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Solar Field Control System (SFINCS) 30 Heliostat desired aiming points calculating to: Flux vs Load balancing Implement quick flux reduction / defocusing Measuring SRSG skin temperature Alert on crossing temperature limits NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Weather Station Measurements Radiation Direct Normal Radiation (DNR) - Critical for optimizing performance Global Horizontal (GH) radiation Diffused Horizontal (DH) radiation UV horizontal radiation Wind Wind speed in different locations - Critical for SF safety during high winds Wind direction Ambient weather Ambient temperature Relative humidity Barometric pressure Rainfall General Description NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Instrumentation 32 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 2010 NRG Confidential Operations During Cloud Movement 33 U1.01MAA10CS015_AS1.OUT100.01347%U1.01MAA10CS905_AS1.OUT100.02169%U1.1JSRT4011A.RT1021.61194U1.01MKA10CE001.OUT91.90353MWU1.01MKA01CE074.OUT90.87400U1.1EMETP0211.JTA4.31510MWU1.01MKA01DE001.OUTConfigureMWU1.01MKA01DE002.OUTConfigureMWU1.1EYENG0252ZSC.ENG1U1.EYTrueTurbine Speed Ch.C2o3 Voting, Turbine SpeedWS-4010 DIRECT NORMAL RADI..Generator OutputMWUAT REAL POWERActive PowerActive PowerGCB CLOSED1/27/2014 12:38:25 PM1/27/2014 7:57:49 AM 4.68 hoursTURBINE - GENERATOR-U101020304050607080901000100010500150015002501500150-11Generator Output Solar Energy NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 34 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential 35 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Chemical Feed-AVT (O) 36 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Ivanpah Chemistry Challenges Working with OEMs regarding elevated pH specs for ACC, and alternate chemical use. Makeup: mobile demineralizer using well water ZLD site Controlling costs Alternate technologies Condensate Polishers Off-site regeneration Operation in Ammonia form 10 um filtration for suspended iron particulate in front of polishing SWAS panel instrumentation Flow changes and daily adjustments Typical cycling chemistry issues WSAC use and chemical treatment 37 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Demineralization Trailer Cost of ultrapure water is 5.5 cents per gallon 38 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Demineralization SWAS Monitoring Capabilities Silica Sodium Conductivities Specific Cation Degassed Cation pH 39 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential SWAS Panel 40 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential SWAS Panel 41 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Prefilters Fil-Trek 42 polypropylene oxide filter 10 microns 40 length max diff pressure 60 PSID Typical change out NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Condensate Polishers 43 NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Condensate Polisher Operating Parameters 44 Flow=600-900 gpm 4.38-6.56 gpm/ft3 Pressure= inlet ~145 psig, outlet ~130 psig Strong cation resin (H+), strong anion resin (OH-) 2:1 resin ratio Purolite SGC 550, Purolite SGA 650 2 vessels/unit1 @100% flow; 1@standby Partial bypassto avoid high inlet temps during summer Offsite regeneration NRG Energy, Inc. Confidential Ivanpah Chemistry Next steps . . . Increased iron monitoring from ACC and cycle Consider existing and emerging technologies to reduce water usage and costs 45 Ivanpah Chemistry Challenges Current State of the Systems Laura Sterk, MS PLANT CHEMIST - IVANPAH 46 Ivanpah Chemistry Challenges Lowered pH value in blowdown Makeup: mobile demineralizer using well water ZLD site. Condensate Polishers Off-site regeneration SWAS panel instrumentation calibration & maint. Typical cycling chemistry issues Potable water system WSAC use and chemical treatment 47 Lowered pH value in Blowdown Theoretical loss for pH is ~0.2 as compared to feedwater To protect equipment pH range is Ferrous metallurgy 9.2-9.6 ACC units 9.8-10.0 Typical blowdown operation consistent among operators Ramp up using MASS BD NOP CONTINUOUS BD ~10% Regeneration of Condensate Polisher Log regeneration data Quality control to insure performance before material is transferred Establish performance specifications based on water quality Further develop program with age of the polisher if resin is exclusive to your plant usage Iron Testing 10 micron pre-polisher filter Verify most reliable test Evaluate/test at different times in the iron cycle 30-60 data sets for accurate determination of Fe concentrations Research comparative data SWAS Calibration and Maintenance Probes pH, conductivity (specific, cationic, degassed cationic) dissolved oxygen Analytical instruments silica analyzer sodium Online devices sequencer sample temperature controllers Other Chemistry Issues Consistent sample flow from wet side of panel to analytical side SWAS cooling system in desert temperatures Iron transport Potable water systems WSAC cooling systems 53 Discussion 54 [Enter Presentation Title in the Footer View menu > Headerand Footer] September 11, 2016 Sustainability is the ability to endure into the future. Ivanpah Solar Energy From the Sun!Richard C. Mason Chief Chemist, Indian River PowerNRG EnergyLaura SterkPlant ChemistIvanpah SolarSlide Number 2Slide Number 3One of the Nations Largest and Most Diverse Generation PortfoliosSlide Number 5Long-term sustainability goalSteps we are taking What we believeNRGs long-term sustainability visionSustainable energy Why now?Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Ivanpah OrganizationSiteSite LayoutEnvironmental ConsiderationsEnergy from SunBasic OverviewPower Block OverviewPower Block LayoutPower Block ConfigurationWater/Steam OverviewSlide Number 23Solar Steam GeneratorSolar Steam Generator LayoutSteam Turbine GeneratorAir Cooled CondenserSolar FieldSystem Components: HeliostatSolar Field Control System (SFINCS)General DescriptionInstrumentationOperations During Cloud MovementSlide Number 34Slide Number 35Chemical Feed-AVT (O) Ivanpah Chemistry ChallengesDemineralization TrailerDemineralization SWASSWAS Panel SWAS Panel Prefilters Fil-TrekCondensate PolishersCondensate Polisher Operating ParametersIvanpah Chemistry Next steps . . . Ivanpah Chemistry ChallengesCurrent State of the SystemsLaura Sterk, MSPLANT CHEMIST - IVANPAH Ivanpah Chemistry ChallengesLowered pH value in BlowdownRegeneration of Condensate PolisherIron Testing SWAS Calibration and MaintenanceOther Chemistry IssuesSlide Number 53Slide Number 54