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Final Year Project I

Final Year Project IShabbir Tiles & Ceramics LimitedA group company of House of Habib

Presented byFaizan Ahmed58579Date : 02-08-2015


Shabbir Tiles & Ceramics Limited is a group company of House of Habib (HOH). A leading manufacturer of floor and wall tiles.

Inkjet Tile printing is the only product produced by STCL.

Currently Shabbir tiles using ERP Application Sap Business One

Products Floor tiles.Ceramic tiles.Bathroom tiles. Tiles framework.Roof Tiles.Kitchen tiles.Glass tiles.Glass Ceramics & Concrete.

Report Objective

STCL is a very large manufacturing industry. STCL uses SAP B1 and this Application is for small business not for big industry. How SAP B1 is running in STCL and meet their big challenges and requirements as well. My challenge is to how small business application works in large industry.

Management HierarchyFrom top to BottomBoard of Director

ChairmanVice ChairmanCEODirectorCFOAssistant General ManagerDeputy General ManagerAssistant General ManagerSenior ManagerManagerDeputy ManagerAssistant ManagerGeneral ManagerSenior OfficerOfficer



Financial Aspects of STCL with respect to ERP

Suggestion For Existing System or ERPFeatures to enhance Business ProcessesFixed AssetsProduction ModuleMRPBin LocationsMarketing DocumentLanded CostTaxationRequisition

STCL Major Clients


#SizeProductColorPackingPram. PriceStd. Price18x8Wall U1 PlainLight1.368867828x8Wall U1 PlainDark1.371370438x8Wall U1 PlainMid Night Blue1.379078048x8Wall U1 PlainRed1.389288258x8Wall U1 PlainBurgundy1.379078068x8Wall U1 PlainYellow1.389288278x8Wall U1 TextureLight1.367366288x8Wall U1 TextureDark1.369868898x8Wall U1 TextureBurgundy1.3775764108x8Wall U1 HaleAll1.3673662118x8Wall U1 Die PunchLight1.3708698128x8Wall U1 Die PunchDark1.3733723138x8Wall U1 Die PunchBurgundy1.3811800148x10Wall U1 PlainLight1.4689679158x10Wall U1 PlainDark1.4714705168x10Wall U1 PlainMid Night Blue1.4791781178x10Wall U1 PlainRed1.4893883188x10Wall U1 PlainBurgundy1.4791781198x10Wall U1 PlainYellow1.4893883208x10Wall U1 PlainExotic Brown1.4791781218x10Wall U1 TextureLight1.4674663228x10Wall U1 TextureDark1.4699689



To improve the sale of all brands of the company from 65% to 95%.

To make the company market-driven organization to create superior values for customers.

To make strategies for the company that creates valuable designs for customers.

Financial Aspect



STCL is a giant in tiles & ceramic industry, a sole partner since 1970s. There is no such concept of marketing in the past era. But now a big challenge of each industry is to create needs. What customer wants, what they chosen, what they needed. A big loop hole of STCL is not efficient marketing department. Therefore other competitor takes advantage from marketing their product.STCL have ERP, Company should have proper marketing department. SAP offers CRM which help STCL to communicate with their customer. Conduct survey, inbound and outbound customer facilitation center. Campaign management, lead management. So that needs or requirement can be cater and respond may be quickIf the company implements all strategies then the company will deserve the position for which it is known. The company will enjoy increase in sale and other benefits and will gain competitive advantage over their rivals by creating and delivering superior customer value