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MODULAR SERIESMODULAR-12/3LAFULL RANGE/LINE ARRAY LOUDSPEAKERMODULAR-12/3LAFULL RANGE/LINE ARRAY LOUDSPEAKERFeatureDouble 12 "neodymium magnet unit and 10" cylinder type midrange and high frequency neodymium magnet unitIntegrated hanging system to meet the level, vertical use (linear)40Hz-20kHz maximum sound pressure level 143dB (MB-12/3 LA)ApplicationsFlexible for use in distributed sound reinforcement / large main sound reinforcement appli-cations / mobile performance and fixed installation / compact and strong box / flexible hanging wayProduct parametersMODULAR 12Frequency response(-6dB)Sensitivity(1W@1m) LFSensitivity(1W@1m) HFMax System Output SPL LFMax System Output SPLMax System Output SPL HFNominal DirectivityPower Rating(RMS) LFPower Rating(RMS) HFPower Rating(program) LFPower Rating(program) HFPower Rating(peak) LFPower Rating(peak)Power Rating(peak) HFImpedance LF/MF/HFCrossover points LF/MFCrossover points MF/HFLFHFMFConnector 2 activeConnector 2 active Connector 3 activeConnection mode 2 activeConnection mode 2 activeDimensions Net weight Shipping weightGrillGrillMaterialEnclosureSupport rod holeErgonomic handleNon-slip feet 52 MB-12/3 LA 40Hz - 20kHz 102dB111dB139dB 143dB143dB100x 81800W300W/240W3600W600W/480W6000W1200W/960W1200W/960W4 Ohms / 8 Ohms / 6 Ohms300Hz/active970Hz/active2 X 12" Neodymium bass3 X 1" Tweeter1 X 10" Neodymium magnetic midrange unit--2x NL8-1+/1- Hi / 2+/2- Mi / 3+/3- Lo / 4+/4- Sub1106mm x 361mm x 455mm (H x W x D)45 Kg50 KgBlack epoxy perforated iron meshBlack epoxy perforated iron mesh15mm Baltic birch12 X M8, optional pendantThe MB-12 / 3LA loudspeaker is a classic product of the line source array system, using a highly integrated streamline design, to meet the highest requirements of professional audio, with ex-cellent performance.The MB-12 / 3LA has been extensively improved compared to the traditional sound reinforce-ment method, particularly in terms of clarity and intelligibility.MB-12 / 3LA due to the use of advanced acoustic design concept, for a lot of acoustic environ-ment to provide uniform coverage. The range of projection, coverage, and directivity of the system is mainly determined by the number of speakers used or the height of the line array.MB-12 / 3LA horizontal orientation fixed to 100 , the vertical angle of 8 , can be arbitrarily ad-justed to meet the needs of the geometric shape of the audience area, thanks to AD has been the extraordinary characteristics, MB-12 / 3LA voice clear , Restore precision, has a unique near-field effect and shock long-range projection, will give the audience a unique sense of hearing to enjoy.