Presentation Skills Workshop Presentation

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  • Presentation Skills WorkshopYour Group or AssociationLexington, Kentucky

    Tom HaileyPresent Yourself Workshops

  • Image Owned by Tom Hailey

  • GoalTo:

    learn and practice principles and techniques that you can take home and use in preparing and delivering your next presentation.

  • My ViewpointI believe

    that by applying the principles and techniques we will learnanyone can become a very effective and talented presenter, and actually have fun in the process.

  • 3 Key Parts to the ProcessWriting


    Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Speech WritingLearn aboutthe audience

    Learn aboutthe program managers expectations

    Learn aboutthe speaking environment

  • Target the




  • Speech WritingBrain storm

    Focus on the GOAL

    Reduce ideas to key words or phrases

  • Three Part StructureIntroduction



  • IntroductionGet their attention

    Identify your topic and goal

    State your viewpoint

  • Attention GettersProvocative statement

    Related humor

    Arresting facts or statistics

    Rhetorical statement

  • IntroductionTopic sentence

    Specific & clearStates the goal

    Final sentence

    States your viewpointI believe that

  • Discussion or BodyPresent FactsProofReasons to Agree

    Start earlyIdea folderMake notes as thought occurOrganize main pointsLimit points to a manageable number

  • Discussion or BodyPersonalize

    Stories / Anecdotes / Quotes / IllustrationsUse vivid languageVisualsSlides / overheads / PowerPoint video / flip charts / props articles / books / testimonials / people

  • ConclusionCue the ending


    Leave a lasting impression

  • Presentation Practice AreasEye contact


    Body movement

    Voice pitch / rate / volume

  • Presentation Practice AreasThinking in Ideas, not words

    Use of notes



  • How to PracticeReduce material to key wordsSimulate the speaking environmentUse heightened conversationPictureVisualizeyour audienceAudio tape / video tape / mirror

  • Managed Stage FrightPrepared well

    Researched the audienceKnow whats expectedResearched the environment

    Organized well


  • Managed Stage FrightVisualized audience, self, and environment

    Have a comfortable beginning

  • PracticedEye contactPausesBody movementVoiceThinking in ideasUsing notesTiming

  • Presentation DayArrive early

    Make the room yours

    Check A/V equipment

    Set out your materials

    Mentally rehearse opening

  • Presentation DayBreathe and move

    Visualize success

    Be flexible

    Smile and take your time

  • Mental SummersaultThis is so confusing its awful

    Im not a trained speaker

    Ill never get this perfect

    Im nervous

  • Extra CreditDont hide behind technologyInteract with the audienceBe prepared for problemsLimit the subject matterDont be a self-important know-it-allWork easily with the program manager

  • To concludePublic speaking skills are important

    Prepare well and practice

    Visualize success

    Get experienceand have fun!