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  • Mate BrosPresented by: Dina Rudelson

  • History

    University of Michigan Mens Gymnastics team

    Californian 2014 Rapid growth in Gymnastics 2015 - 2016

  • The Produce

  • Financial Info

    Running currently off of $300,000 from strategic investors. Chasing after retail spots Midwest retail stores woodmans groceries (~17 stores) Cost-Co in California just picked them up Amazon prime subscription (300 cases a day)

  • Business model

    Use a little bit of their investment, make it back back up in a couple of days on Amazon Prime.

    Talk more to local retailor stores about picking up their product

    Run in-house fundraisers

  • Secret Sauce?

    All Natural Sports energy drink Gymnastics On line subscriptions

  • Competition

    Market share Natural ? Performance boost

    Gatorade 77% Carb intensive, light on possessed ingredients

    Designed to quickly rehydrate and replace sodium loss

    Powerade 20% Carb intensive, many possessed ingredients

    Fuel you during your exercise andrepower after

    Muscle Milk

  • Predictions?

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