Presentation #6 - Midterm

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Diapositivo 1

Lean Entrepreneurship ProjectGeneration EntrepreneurAfonso Brs | Constana Morais | Rita Santos Silva | Yernar Akim

helps people from Millennials andGeneration Xto find the perfect present for everyone in every occasions through a simple research platformwhichis easierthan going to the shopping mall asit is time-saving, personalized and easy service.

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Provide a brief explanation of your business idea, includingimages or other tools which will help the audience tovisualize and understand your product/service.3

Business Model Canvas

Highlight the most important components of the Canvas andhow they interact.


Customer Segments & Value PropositionTime-saving and ability to buy large amounts at a discounted price.Time-saving and ability to use simultaneously with other tasks (take care of children).Personalized service and meaningful search for the gift.

Provide an overview of your customer segments and yourvalue proposition to each customer segment.5

Market SizingYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5TAMSAMSOM

Taking into consideration your customer segments explainhow you calculate your potential market size and how it willevolve in the next five years.6

Market Sizing

Define your main competitive advantages and how you candifferentiate yourself from your main competitors.8

Value Curve

Hypothesis Validation

Include the validation board and summary of results frominterviews, surveys and landing page(s). Did you pivot? Why?10

People will be willing to use Gift aGift instead of other platforms, since we provide a time saving tool, for a personalized and meaningful search

Clients will be willing to pay online with a credit card or a debit card.

By offering gifts to orphanages and other social organizations, we will boost at least 25% of our sales/revenues/brand awareness

Hypothesis Validation