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2016 PARCS Hay Tool Guide

by mike-perri





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2016 PARCS HAY TOOLS 2016 PARCS HAY TOOL GUIDE All the premium and economy hay tools in stock at PARCS Superstores. We are your full service dealership. This is our hay tool line up for 2016 that we are deeply discounting and then applying all additional discounts and rebates from the manufacture to the items listed. The prices may change a little up or down but this will give you a great idea of pricing. Work Hard, Play Harder… PARCS Prices listed are effective for 2016 and may change without notice. Index Pg. 3 New Holland Mowers Pg. 4 New Holland Tedders Pg. 5 New Holland Rakes Pg. 6 New Holland balers Pg. 7 Kubota Mowers Pg. 8 Kubota Tedders/Rakes Pg. 9 Kubota Balers Pg. 10 Kubota Wrappers Pg. 11 Krone Mowers Pg. 12 Krone Tedders/Rakes Pg. 13 Krone Balers Pg. 14 Additional Hay Tools/Supplies Pg. 15 Service Dept The HM Series disc mowers deliver smooth, fast cutting speeds at a price that fits any budget. Available in three sizes — with cutting widths from 5 feet, 6 inches to 7 feet, 11 inches — these durable machines can mow through tough crops and rough field conditions New Holland H6000 Series heavy-duty disc mowers breeze through the toughest conditions to give you a clean, even cut in less time. Discs spin up to 3,000 rpm, producing a knife tip speed of up to 187 mph to slice through dense, wet grasses, fire ant hills and gopher mounds. Select from four heavy-duty models, including a pull-type model with a cut width of over 10 feet. Page 3 New Holland Hay Mowers Price Range $6,399-$8,999 Price Range $8,999-$10,999 PROTED ROTARY TEDDERS – THE GENTLE WAY TO DRY HAY Don’t risk ruined hay! Improve your odds and bale or chop sooner—before it rains—with the help of a New Holland ProTed™ rotary tedder. Models ranging from 17’1” to 36’ 1”tedding width, the ProTed is the right choice for your application. Page 4 New Holland Tedders Price Range $7,399-8,999 ROLABAR® RAKES LEAVE NO HAY BEHIND You won’t leave any hay behind with the New Holland Rolabar® rake. Its unique design allows the tines to more closely follow the ground contours, while leaving the dirt in the field. The result is cleaner hay and more of it. Combine two Rolabar rakes with New Holland’s model 252 rake hitch and double your productivity. Page 5 New Holland Rakes FASTER, CLEANER RAKING New Holland ProCart™ deluxe carted wheel rakes are the professional's choice for big raking capacity. They offer dependable, high-speed raking, allowing you to create windrows that are easy to bale. Whatever conditions you face – from heavy windrows to tedded or thick, wide swaths – ProCart wheel rakes make short work of raking. Individual floating rake wheels and newly optimized raking angles provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform easier to bale windrows so you can put up quality hay quickly. The well-built frame provides the strength and reliability you need, and it’s compact and stable so you can move fast between farm and field. Price Range $6,399-$8,999 Price Range $6,999-$10,999 READY TO ROLL USING A MIDSIZE FARM TRACTOR? A farmer’s dream! Make uniform, dense bales that are produced in every size up to 4.5ft. This baler is light weight and great for our terrain and heavy duty on features. READY TO ROLL? Whether you’re a part-time farmer occasionally baling 20 acres or a custom operator with 20 customers, there’s a New Holland Roll-Belt™ baler to suit your needs. In fact, there are nearly 20 different models for you to choose from. From 4’ X 5’ to 5’ X 6’, uniform, dense bales are produced in every size and crop condition. Page 6 New Holland Round Balers Price Range $17,999-22,999 Price Range $18,999-38,999 DM- Series Kubota's widest DM1000 Series disc mower extends your reach with a working width 5’6” -6’8”-7’10”, heavy-duty Kubota cutterbar with spring-loaded BreakAway protection, and more. Kubota’s mower ensures productive mowing with a 10'6" working width, fully-welded cutterbar and trailed design for excellent cooperation with low horsepower tractors. Page 7 Kubota Hay Mowers Price Range $6,799-$12,999 Price Range $22,399-$29,999 Kubota's versatile range of FarmLine and ProLine tedders, proves to be dependable in all weather conditions. With working widths ranging from 17'1" to 36'1" there is a machine for every farm operation. All maintenance is minimized with standard features such as the heavy duty mainframe design, Super-C tines and an oil bath gearbox. Agile, powerful and versatile, Kubota tedders feature everything you need to get the job done in an efficient manner. . The Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance. The FarmLine rakes all feature 0.35" wire diameter tines, whereas the ProLine rakes include heavy duty 0.39" wire diameter tines for outstanding durability. With up to 13 double tangential tine arms and up to 5 double tines per arm, Kubota rakes are equipped for maximum raking performance. Page 8 Kubota Tedders Kubota Rakes Price Range $7.799-$8,999 Price Range $7,599-$8,999 BV4160 Econo variable chamber, Kubota round baler, designed to craft dense bales with moderate cores and tight outer layers. This model packs a bale diameter of 4' wide by 5' high with a 67" pickup capacity. Plus, a new twine binding system ensures trouble-free and reliable operation bale after bale.. Kubota's advanced 4'x5' and 4'x6' variable chamber balers offer features that prove their reliability in a variety of crop conditions. With silage capabilities on all premium balers and Kubota's patented PowerBind net wrap system, Kubota's BV4100 and BV5100 series balers are ready  to meet the ever-changing demands of your farm. Page 9 Kubota Round Balers Price Range $24,999-$28,999 Price Range $28,999-$38,999 WR1100C You work hard to produce and harvest quality forage. Protect your investment with Kubota's WR1100C computer-controlled automatic bale wrapper. Equipped with a hydraulic film cutter and three-point mounted turntable wrapper, this model handles round bales up to 2,650 pounds and 47" X 50" in size - available with remote control!. WR1400M With its low profile design, Kubota's WR1400M round bale wrapper efficiently works to better preserve your quality silage and hay. Choose between manual-cable or joystick controlled versions, both equipped to handle bales up to 2,650 pounds and 47" X 50" in size. Quality bales start here - forage forward with Kubota. Page 10 Kubota Bale Wrappers Price Range $14,399-$18,999 Price Range $20,399-$26,999 AM Series Disc Mowers 6’6” -13’ High-comfort and high-efficiency mowers. Side-pull mowers with huge pivoting angle. Driveshaft powered gears for ultimate efficiency. Massive spur gears for quiet running and longevity. Robust and fully welded cutterbar Page 11 Krone Hay Mowers EC Series Mowers 9’-11’ Continued performance at high output levels requires not only a powerful machine but also ease of operation. With this in mind, KRONE specifies its EasyCut 280 and 320 disc mowers with single-acting rams that lift and lower the units on the headland and fold them into transport position. The driveshaft is protected by a stop to restrict lift height and the angle of articulation of the universal joints. At the same time, headland turns are easier thanks to a generous ground clearance. The three-point mounted EasyCut mowers do not require the link arms to raise when running over windrows. Price Range $8,399-$13,999 Price Range $10,399-$18,999 KW Series Tedders 18’ -26’ Auto Fold and angle and with in various diameters. Central border spreading facility manual or hydraulic control standard. Convenient operation via a single-acting spool. Page 12 Krone Tedders Swadro Rotary Rakes 9’6”-15’4” Trailed single-rotor rakes: KRONE added the Swadro 38 T, 42 T and 46T models to its range of rakes to meet farmer demands at home and abroad. The demand is for a trailed and well-proven single-rotor rake that offers the well-proven Swadro technology. The tandem axle on these models serves also as transport running gear on public roads. Krone Rakes Price Range $7,999-$15,999 Price Range $7,999-$35,999 Page 13 Krone Round Balers Bellima Series Balers Success is so easy An enclosed baling chamber reduces fragmentation and controls the development of dust An endless chain-and-slat elevator – excels in silage, hay and straw – eliminates the risk of bale stops – produces high-density and well-shaped bales – achieves high bale weights Low input requirement Low dead weight Low in maintenance and long service life thanks to a simple design Few and short-length drive chains Price Range $20,999-$35,999 Page 14 ADDITIONAL TOOLS SILAGE BALE HANDLERS BALE SPEARS 3PT HITCH AND LOADER MOUNT PINS TEETH TWINE NET AND SILAGE WRAP CLEARANCE DISC /DRUM MOWERS AS LOW AS $2999 FIRST COME BASIS CLEARANCE BALE WRAPPER AS LOW AS $4999 FIRST COME BASIS Price Range $4,999 Price Range $4,999 Price Range $9,999 Page 15 DEDICATED TO SERVICE WE HAVE FOUR FULL SERVICE FACILITIES AND TRAINED TECHNICIANS. We are here to serve! The PARCS Superstore 2016 Hay Tool Guide is to help you understand our most popular offerings and give an estimated price range. In stock hay tools are available at all PARCS locations, you might need to visit another PARCS location for a specific model or brand of hay tool. We will do our best move hay tools between locations for easier customer pick up and keep the lowest prices! PARCS is to be held harmless for any misprints or misinterpretations. This is simply a guide. Thank You 4 Locations and Growing Store 1 RT 50 West Wiseman Run Rd Salem, WV 304-782-4111 Store 2 Interstate 68 Bruceton Mills, WV Exit 304-379-4333 Store 3 RT 50 East Salem, WV 304-782-1000 Store 4 Interstate 77 Ripley, WV 304-372-9875